Special effects contacts for costume & makeup

We offer special effects contact lenses for the perfect Costume look!

Lenses are individually fitted to each person and are not intended to be worn by anyone else.

Contact lenses are medical devices and have the potential to cause permanent damage. They must be checked by an eye doctor on your eye. They are not “one-size-fits-all” products. Before purchasing lenses your eyes should be measured and the lenses should be checked to ensure that you can wear them safely.

Don’t take chances with your vision!

We have an exciting variety of different effects from cat eyes to bold colors to electric rays. Call or visit us to get your look on!

entertainment industry awards in television and movie

Contact Lens Fitting

Dr. Gording is a well known national leader in the prescribing of special effect contact lenses for film and television. This specialty developed out his ability to fit lenses on a wide range of corneal conditions while part of a surgical group. Couple that experience with his persistence, and you will see why so many people come back year after year for all of their contact lens needs. Dr. Gording fits soft lenses for astigmatism and bifocal soft lenses. People who have been unable to wear contact lenses in the past have been successfully fit in our office. In addition, we fit custom tinted lenses that can be tinted or custom hand painted to achieve a wide range of effects. They can be made to look like a natural eye for people who have had an injury that may have caused a disfigurement.