Special effects contacts for costume & makeup

We offer special effects contact lenses for the perfect Costume look!

Lenses are individually fitted to each person and are not intended to be worn by anyone else.

Contact lenses are medical devices and have the potential to cause permanent damage. They must be checked by an eye doctor on your eye. They are not “one-size-fits-all” products. Before purchasing lenses your eyes should be measured and the lenses should be checked to ensure that you can wear them safely.

Don’t take chances with your vision!

We have an exciting variety of different effects from cat eyes to bold colors to electric rays. Call or visit us to get your look on!

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Patient Review by Alexandra S.

I have a tricky astigmatism situation. I put off going to an eye doctor around here for as long as I could (I moved to LA from FL Aug. 2010), and went to my eye doctor in FL on winter break last year. I needed a new contact prescription, I knew that much from the fact that I couldn’t see people’s faces from a reasonable distance, and had several awkward moments of “Oh, sorry I didn’t recognize you, my eyes suck.” And, of course, I was wearing normal contacts, not ones for my astigmatism, because it just proved to be too difficult to get the right ones.

Lo and behold, I found Dr. Gording through my insurance (although I found out I don’t have eye coverage….oops), and really just chose him because it was a few blocks from my house (didn’t want to drive in case I had to have my eyes dilated), and because it said online that he did “hard to fit contacts.” Since my previous eye doctor had gotten it wrong not once, but twice, this seemed an important aspect when selecting a new doctor.

It took quite a while to find the right prescription. I’m talking 30-45 minutes, with all the letting the contacts sit/adjust, etc. But Dr. Gording patiently – nay, eagerly – kept trying new lenses until we got it exactly right. And then, after we found the right lenses, we chatted for at least half an hour about all the work he has done in films and TV shows – really fun, and we had a great time talking!

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my new doc. A true success story for me – I am now seeing 20/15…I see like a hawk now!

Thanks Doc Gording! Now if you only had Ray Ban frames in your store….. 😉

Alexandra S., Los Angeles, CA