Special effects contacts for costume & makeup

We offer special effects contact lenses for the perfect Costume look!

Lenses are individually fitted to each person and are not intended to be worn by anyone else.

Contact lenses are medical devices and have the potential to cause permanent damage. They must be checked by an eye doctor on your eye. They are not “one-size-fits-all” products. Before purchasing lenses your eyes should be measured and the lenses should be checked to ensure that you can wear them safely.

Don’t take chances with your vision!

We have an exciting variety of different effects from cat eyes to bold colors to electric rays. Call or visit us to get your look on!

entertainment industry awards in television and movie

Patient Review by Emelio C.

I am very satisfied with the technical skill, professional tenacity, and service of Dr. Gording and his staff. I first met Dr. Jonathan Gording after having been told by another optometrist that my vision could not be corrected to where I could legally drive through the use of conventional contact lenses. Dr. Gording took this on as a challenge, and has been able to correct my vision to 20/20 through the use of conventional contacts. Through my personal experience of wearing corrective lenses for the past 35 years, I can state that Dr. Gording’s technical skill, and commitment to patients are unparalleled.

I have been seeing Dr. Gording since 2004. The service that I have received from him and his staff has always been professional, prompt and courteous. A good example of his service, and my motivation for writing this review occurred recently. I had run out of contact lenses and was going on a long business trip. The only day that I was available to pick up the new lenses was on a day that his office was closed. Without me asking, Dr. Gording offered to meet me on his day off, and fit the new lenses. Needless to say, I was very impressed and appreciative of his personal service and attention.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a topnotch, service-oriented optometrist.

Emelio C., Huntington Beach, CA