Most of the time production companies rely on our contact lens technician to handle the insertion and removal of theatrical contact lenses. In the right hands, these lenses go in smoothly, even with the most extreme of make-ups. As a result, actors are more comfortable and are able to wear them much longer. Make up artist Todd Macintosh, quoted in Make-Up Magazine said, “A good technician is absolutely essential when using any kind of lenses in a production. If you don’t have a good tech, it can be a detriment to the show.”

Our technician’s skills go far beyond the handling of the lenses, as they can advise the production personnel about the actor’s ability to keep wearing the lenses throughout the day, or when it is time to discontinue lens wear. They are there also as the best source of information if and when medical questions arise.

Our technicians are available for productions anywhere in the world. They have proven themselves time and again to be a valuable asset to any production.