The creature walks slowly towards the camera. As his face comes into the frame, you see his features, yes, but you are drawn to his eyes.

You stare at the eyes.

You can’t forget the eyes.

Some of the most famous eyes in Hollywood trust Dr. Gording

For over 20 years, our office has been a major supplier to the film industry for special effect contact lenses. From the iconic eyes of “Interview with the Vampire,” the myriad of vampire and demon eyes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” and the more recent “True Blood,” and most recently the eyes of the characters of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” our office is known for trusted medical advice, quality workmanship, and on-time delivery.

We are trusted by actors and actresses who need their lenses to be comfortable so as not to interfere with their craft. Make-up artists count on us to see that the lenses are a faithful representation of their creation. As computer graphics become commonplace, producers still prefer that the effect is done “in camera.” We achieve this by our dedication to service and responsibility. And when our lenses arrive on set, our contact lens techs are among the most sought after in the industry, assuring that the lenses are inserted and removed with minimal impact to the make-up.

Famous make-up artist Todd Masters once said, “Contact lenses were a hassle until Dr. Gording came along.” To Todd, Tony Gardner, Greg Cannom, the beloved memory of Stan Winston, and the many other make-up artists who have supported us for all these years, we say thank you by striving to live up that compliment with each new production.

If you need eyes for zombies or medical dramas; for a major motion picture, television show, or a Halloween party; from Hollywood to Bollywood; we are here to insure that you get the best effect possible.